Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On My Mind

Jeffrey Campbell has made some AMAZING shoes lately. I bought the pair on the right. Middle photo is compliments of Gemma Rowlands

Agyness Deyn is one bad ass mother fucker. So we have the buzz in common but we may have more- we're both not afraid to take chances. I told my friend Natalie that I want to start dressing crazy, not that I don't already, but now more than ever. 

Hello!!! Can you say twin? My So-Called Life's Angela was created a character that all 15 year-olds are supposed to be able to relate to, but my parents must have implanted her script into my mind when I was born because Clair Danes and I have pretty similar thoughts.... Her friend Ray Ann is very cool too.

New Tif Le added today. She still seems to blow me away with that camera.

I want these Dr. Martens SO bad. I will have them in my possession some day. I must.


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